Holistic help to feel emotionally supported. Especially effective if you have that horrible feeling of giving out 100% and only getting back 40%.

Orange blossom can help bring a sense of joy and happiness- particularly supportive with burn out.

Maybe it’s the scent of orange blossom and the feelings associated with warm sun, blue skies and the sight and smell of white orange blossom in sunshine

  • Cloud Nine Hand and Nail Cream

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  • Cloud Nine Night Balm

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  • Cloud Nine Day Cream

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    Positive Mindset Collection

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Physical Benefits

Nourishes and repairs the skin, excellent for sensitive skin. Can help with fine surface capillaries. Packed with vitamin A. to repair the skin.

Emotional Benefits

Superb for relieving anxiety and stress. Supportive when feel that you are giving out more than getting back. Uplifting support for 'winter blues'

Energetic Benefits

Helps clear the negative energies of resentment and anxiety. Helps bring back happiness, acceptance and confidence.

Positive Mindset Collection
Aura Spray Bundle
Cloud Nine Night Balm

To hydrate and balance dull, blemished skin.  Emotionally uplifting to help with tension and emotional burn out.

Cloud Nine Body Butter

A richly moisturising treatment for fine surface capillaries and superb therapy for anxiety, this natural moisturiser offers a holistic solution to sensitive or problem skin.

Cloud Nine Day Cream

Balancing for combination skin.  Packed with vitamin A and herbal power to restore balance to sensitive, oily skin.

Cloud Nine Bath and Massage Oil

Strongest concentration of essential oils so effective if feeling depleted and giving out more than you are getting back. Lovely for the ‘winter blues’.

Cloud Nine Body Soak

Epsom salts and Dead sea salts with Neroli and tangerine for tight, sore muscles and a tired mind.  Emotionally uplifting and physically de-toxing.

Cloud Nine Hand and Nail Cream

Calming for irritated or sore skin and a holistic help for stress and anxiety.  Perfect for sensitive skin

Cloud Nine Negativity Clearing Aura Spray

An energy clearing spray to spray around you when feeling fraught, overwhelmed or anxious.  Helps restore belief in yourself.