Frequently Asked Questions2020-06-15T11:14:15+01:00
Are there any products to avoid in pregnancy?2020-06-15T11:10:24+01:00

Yes, we don’t recommend the Dimply bottom collection as the oils in that are designed to expel toxins from the tissues and are really quite pokey.

We don’t recommend the Healthy joints oil as the wintergreen in that is very strong.

Otherwise all the ingredients are listed on the labels and the website so you can see what you are using in case you have any allergies or concerns.

Is the pregnancy oil safe to use in pregnancy?2020-06-15T11:10:24+01:00

Yes, the pregnancy oil is deliberately unfragranced. The effectiveness lies with the natural blend of fixed oils.

Can you use the tinctures for children?2020-06-15T11:11:39+01:00

You can, but as they contain alcohol we recommend that you pour hot water onto the tincture then leave it to stand. This way the alcohol evaporates without affecting the tincture.

My baby has dry skin and eczema what would be best to use?2020-06-15T11:11:39+01:00

I would try the new Baby balm first. This is because this is the most simplest product . The jojoba is as close to the skin’s own sebum so offers as little as challenge as possible. You could always try the Problem skin cream next which is, in turn a lot simpler product that the Simply relaxing body butter.

I have troublesome menopausal symptoms- will the Menopause oil work for me?2020-06-15T11:04:28+01:00

As we know, the menopause can be incredibly awful. I can’t say that this is a cure-all. Again, it works incredibly well for some women and a lot of women have used it a a support to help reduce the severity of symptoms. The Sage essential oil is specifically chosen to help with the menopause.

I have painful periods will the Mother Earth monthly cycle massage oil help me?2020-06-15T11:04:03+01:00

It has certainly helped many women over the years. The ingredient for painful periods is the Clary sage essential oil which this helps to calm uterine spasms. I’ve found it works best when used regularly throughout your cycle, not just for when you have symptoms. This helps the oil balance the hormones which can lead to reduction in symptoms.

I need to buy a present for a friend who is pregnant. What can you recommend?2020-06-15T11:10:24+01:00

We have found that the Pregnancy oil goes down really well. Its a lovely product to celebrate the pregnancy instead of a product for a baby.

I have hay fever. Does the hay fever tincture work?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

Yes, I swear by it. Sometimes, people have said that it helps to reduce the symptoms if you just use it as symptom relief. It’s not really designed to work in that way and is more of a support for your whole system. What I recommend is that you take the tincture all through the winter as well to give it time to help reduce your sensitivity to the allergens. What I would hope is that the next season you would have reduced symptoms

I have difficulty breathing and a nasal congestion- what shall I try?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

Try using the Wintertime massage oil. The most amazing Inula essential oil is the very special ingredient in this which is the number one essential oil to use for nasal congestion

My calves are really tight after exercise which would be the best product to use?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

I would try Mother Earth sports mix. As we have had experience of working with lots of fell runners and cyclists, we know that this massage oil is great for loosening up the muscles before exercise then supports stretching after exercise to help break down the lactic acid.

Do Mother Earth Dimply Bottom products for cellulite products really work?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

Of course! What we have found over the years that some people are incredibly lucky and the Dimply Bottom products start to show an improvement straight away. Other people have to really work at it and do lots of massage and keep to a strict routine to see an improvement. It’s not a magic cure as unfortunately other people need to change diet and lifestyle to make a difference, but it’s certainly worth a try.

I have athletes foot that I can’t seem to get rid of. Can anything help?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

Try the Fresh as a daisy foot balm. This is lovely to use regularly and it is multi purpose as it soften hard skin on the feet and helps with aching feet. A warm foot soak with the Fresh as a daisy soak then a massage with the Fresh as a daisy foot balm into warm skin is a lovely way to help athlete’s foot.

If I get insect bites, they swell up and form a raised nodule. Is there anything for this?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

Yes, look at using the Bacteria zapper. If you keep it handy in the summer and dab onto a bite as soon as you can, it can relieve the itching and I find it helps stop unsightly nodules forming after the bite.

I have some old scarring. Is there anything that will help reduce their appearance?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

The Scar treatment oil is great for new scars but has also been known to help reduce the appearance of old scars. Massage is an integral part of the treatment as this helps bring the circulation to the area so this lovely oil helps encourage you to do this routinely.

I have difficulties sleeping. What Mother Earth products do I choose?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

We have a wide range of products to help with stress, relaxation and quality of sleep. It’s probably best to choose the type of product you are drawn to.

The Healthy sleep tincture is the simplest and most convenient product to use as you just take a few drops in water before bedtime. Yo could also put some in a cup with a tiny bit of water and have it by your bed. If you wake up you can just down it without disturbing yourself and you don’t need to turn the light on, get up, wander around etc. which can become a habit.

The Sensitive organic facial skin care range is lovely to use as a bedtime routine to settle you down before bedtime. The pure chamomile essential oil is lovely to help with disturbing dreams and nightmares.

The Simply relaxing collection is also calming to use throughout the day and as part of your well being routine to manage stress and anxiety.

I have broken red veins on my face. what would you recommend?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

The organic balancing range is the range to try as we have had lovely results from using this as a skincare routine. The broken capillary oil is a lovely support for this if you need extra help.

Can I use a cleanser from one range and toner and moisturiser from another?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

Yes, definitely! I love recommend mixing and matching. If you feel drawn to a certain product I always say it works best of you trust your instinct.

I am interested to see that you use oils in your facial skin care products, do they not just make your face more oily and clog up the pores?2020-06-15T11:12:48+01:00

I know it sounds counter-intuitive. The cleansing oil serum in the Green healing range is one of our favourite products. It seems to ‘melt’ the grime away. Of course, we don’t use mineral oils which do clog the pores. Natural oils have an affinity with the skin so work really well so work beautifully to help your skin re-find its own natural balance without clogging the pores.

I have monthly breakout what would you recommend to use?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

I would suggest the organic balancing facial skin care collection. The oils and herbs are designed to help your skin re-find its own natural balance. We have had many customers delighted with the difference after using it as their skin care routine. The oils help emotionally as well, which in turn, will show on your face. Try and include the organic orange flower and walnut face scrub as that is particularly effective for break out and a lovely product to use.

The Raindrops and roses night cream and day cream and the organic mature night cream and day cream look to have similar ingredients but the raindrops and roses are cheaper. Which should I choose?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

The Organic avocado night cream and day cream are more expensive and this is because of the price of the organic ingredients. I much prefer the organic almond oil which is about 6 times the price of ‘normal’ almond oil. It is still very cost effective as you only use a fraction of the amount you would normally use.
That said, some people say they can’t feel any difference in which case the Raindrops and roses is lovely. Sorry if that doesn’t help at all!

I have really sensitive eyes, especially in the hay fever season and can’t tolerate make up. Which cleanser should I choose?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

I would definitely recommend the organic sensitive chamomile and yarrow cleansing oil. I find this is the only product I can tolerate in the summer and I even find that it is soothing. You can also use this as a moisturiser just by pouring a little onto your fingers and massaging it all over your face and neck. Alternatively pour some on some cotton wool if you wanted to use less product, or even onto damp cotton wool for a very light moisturiser.

I have very dry skin on my face, what shall I use?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

I would always go with the organic Mature facial skin care range. Customers who are searching for the ultimate moisturiser for dry skin find that this product collection, once tried becomes their daily skin care treatment. The organic avocado night cream has no water so is the richest moisturiser for dry skin on your face.

I have Rosacea on my cheeks, what shall I use?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

Definitely the first product to recommend would be the Organic sensitive night cream. We launched this products in 2001 and since then we have recommended it to lots of people and I don’t think we’ve had anybody say that it hasn’t helped. If they is has even been the case no-one has ever said anything to me!
We also have the organic sensitive day cream which should also work for Rosacea. It is a little bit more complicate as we have water In this product. We haven’t had feedback on this yet.

I have painful joints which is the most effective product?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

The Healthy joints oil is the most effective product purely for joints and ligaments. The combination of St. john’s wort for the tendons and ligaments, the Calendula for inflammation, the Comfrey for repair, Peppermint to cool, wintergreen for pain, Arnica for trauma, Cayenne peppers to warm and Ginger for stimulation means that this is an amazingly effective product.

You could also try the Simply relaxing bath and massage oil which also helps for sleep and stress and is lovely for your skin and many people who want a more versatile oil or are not able to tolerate any of the ingredients in the Healthy Joints oil have been very happy with.
I also love the Secret garden bath and massage oil as it has lavender but also the Patchouli which is so earthy and grounding which, in turn helps with aching joints too.

I have eczema what shall I use?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

If you are looking for a lovely body butter then try the Simply relaxing body butter. If you wanted a little pot of very simple products then try the Problem skin cream. This has no water so is a pure melted balm so is deliberately a very simple product to offer very little challenge to the skin.

I have psoriasis which would be the most effective product for me?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

The Raindrops and roses body butter is the product to recommend. If you wanted to try the Raindrops and roses hand cream instead that would also be good. The Body butter is richer though.

I have dry, peeling skin on my feet, which product shall I use?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

I prefer the Fresh as a daisy foot balm but you could also use any body butter you fancy. They should all help with this problem

I have dry skin on my shins. Which would be the best product to use?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

The first product to recommend would be the Raindrops and Roses body butter as that is the richest moisturiser for dry skin. As we have no sebaceous glands in our shins these can need a little extra moisturising. That said, all the body butters are really effective moisturisers so if you find yourself being drawn to one of the other ones, I would say to go with your instinct as the different benefits of the essential oils are probably something you are needing for a reason.

Please let us know your feedback. W are very interested to hear how you get on. Please post a review on the website or on Face book and we will send you a little ‘Thank you’

I am a carer. I am exhausted and am having to wash my hands all the time.2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

I would suggest the Cloud Nine as the carrot oil is wonderfully nutritive with lots of Anti oxidants to protect your skin from damage. The Neroli and Tangerine essential oils are uplifting and supportive so are working holistically to support you physically as well as emotionally.

Please let us know your feedback. W are very interested to hear how you get on. Please post a review on the website or on Face book and we will send you a little ‘Thank you’

I have small cuts on my finger ends and cracked skin2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

It might be good to try the Secret garden as the calendula oil is very repairing and can also help strengthen the skin. Simply Relaxing also has the calendula oil so it would be a good option as well.

Which is the strongest hand cream to use?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

I have very dry skin
All of our hand creams are richer than mass produced product but the most moisturising is the Raindrops and Roses as it has Avocado oil- which is thick, rich dark green oil and is fabulous for very dry skin.

I have brittle nails
Again I would say the Raindrops and rose as the comfrey oil is brilliant for repairing the nails. Especially if weak and flaky.

I have eczema
Try the Simply relaxing as it has calendula oil which is anti inflammatory. It also has Lavender and Chamomile essential oils in it which are great physically but also great emotionally for helping with stress related eczema.

Can the massage oils be used directly onto the skin?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

Yes, all the massage oils are mixed up to Aromatherapy proportions i.e. 2 drops to 5 ml of fixed oil. As such they are the most potent products if you are looking for the help of the Aromatherapy oils.

Please let us know your feedback. We are very interested to hear how you get on. Please post a review on the website or on Face book and we will send you a little ‘Thank you’

Which is better- the Hand cream or the Body butter?2020-06-15T11:12:49+01:00

The richer product is the Body butter. Both contain the same plant oils and the same essential oils but the Body butter is the only one to have Shea butter added to it. This is a super rich, nutritive emollient with high levels of vitamins A and E which are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect from free radical damage and slow signs of ageing by encouraging healthy skin cell reproduction. She butter is also a unique source of Vitamin F which is excellent for skin rejuvenation.
Please let us know your feedback.

We are very interested to hear how you get on. Please post a review on the website or on Face book and we will send you a little ‘Thank you’