Cloud Nine Hand and Nail Cream

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An orange blossom moisturising and calming hand cream for irritated or sore hands. Hand made with pure essential oils, beeswax and carrot oil. Free from artificial chemicals so is perfect for sensitive skin. Created to nourish and repair the skin as well as helping to relieve the anxiety associated with emotional burn out.

This high quality moisturising cream can help restore a satin texture to the skin. It is free from artificial chemicals so is perfect for sensitive skin.

The Carrot oil is packed full of vitamin A to repair, Calendula is anti inflammatory and Sweet Almond oil helps keep the skin hydrated… Neroli & tangerine essential oils nourish and restore the skin as well as help relieve stress and anxiety.

Beautiful for rough skin on hands, We’ve also found it to work really well for rough skin on the feet.

Calming for irritated or sore skin and a holistic help for stress and anxiety.  Perfect for sensitive skin

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Massage deeply into the hands and nails for an uplfting treatment for inner and outer healing.

Also excellent for feet.

Use as a body moisturiser for dry shins and elbows.

Leave to soak in for a few minutes as this cream is a lot more beneficial than mass produced white creams so take s a bit of getting used to. You use a lot less and wait for a couple of minutes then it soak into the skin, it goes deep into the tissues and doesn't sit on the surface. When you've moisturised your hands they feel much softer for a long time afterwards- its not like you've done it then they don't feel any different. With the Cloud nine hand and nail cream you KNOW, you have moisturised your hands.

Emotionally the essential oils are uplifting so even though it is 'only' a hand cream it can be a important part of your well being routine so just mindfully massage it into your hands and start to feel the emotional benefits.

Use sparingly. Massage into your skin, leave for a few minutes to soak in..

Anti -inflammatory protective

Alkaline mineral

Carrot Oil
Rich in Vitamins A and E

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Lakeland Spring Water

Neroli Essential Oil
Emotionally Uplifting

Organic Sunflower Oil
Essential for Moisture retaining

Tangerine Essential Oil
Immune system support

Made in small batches this big, 120ml pot of natural hand cream goes a long way! A batch might only be 12 pots. Made by hand with love and healing intent, we gently melt the beeswax then carefully add the Organic sunflower,the Carrot and the Calendula... a lovely soft orange colour to sustain the senses then drop in the essential oil blend to uplift and sustain.
  • Propellants
  • Artificial chemicals
  • Parabens
  • Artificial fragrance oils
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Cruelty Free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Mineral Oils


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