Dead Sea Salt

Well being salts

Help keep the healthy balance between sodium and potassium balance or fluid balance in the body. This helps the healthy function of the kidneys. This helps the body maintain a good fluid level thereby improving feelings of relaxation, health and well being.

The salts are very dry so fabulous for absorbing essential oils.

Mineral rich and contains:

necessary for healthy liver function and converting toxins into non toxins- necessary for the synthesis of collagen

maintains the correct balance of acid and alkalis

production of thyroxine hormone so necessary for energy

Potassium and Sodium
essential for water balance and important for healthy muscles

strengthens cell membranes and cleanses pores

essential mineral for stress relief

repair of body and cell metabolism bone and muscle health, skin health, stress, cellulite

Helps with Common problems such as:

  • Acne and psoriasis. Minerals are absorbed while soaking thereby stimulating blood circulation which helps reduce the inflammatory response detoxifying cleansing of the skin to release toxins which are otherwise trapped within the tissues
  • Stress
  • Circulation improvement helps remove the by products from the stress cycle which help relax, which helps sleep, which is necessary for healthy regeneration
  • Respiratory. Steaming with dead sea salts in a hot bath can be beneficial
  • Muscle relaxant. A soak in a warm bath which helps your body absorb the minerals can be beneficial for sore, tired muscles
  • Wrinkling. Elastin is responsible for skin flexibility and collagen provides support for the skin. The minerals from the Dead sea salts help the production of elastin and therefore show reduction in depth of wrinkling.
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