Zinc Oxide

Anti-inflammatory protection

For more than 2000 years we have turned to zinc to help deal with burns and wounds. Ancient Indian medicinal scripts around the year 500BC refer to it as a mineral healing salve called Pushpanjan.

Known to aid in the recovery of burns

Can form a barrier that keeps moisture locked into place

We use it as a mineral sunscreen. Because Zinc is a mineral it has the ability to sit on top of the skin and reflect the sun by scattering away the ultra violet rays so this is a physical barrier not a chemical one.

Protection against UVA and UVB rays

Known to help treat acne by reducing the anti-micro bacterial properties associated with acne

Naturally anti inflammatory and anti bacterial as inhibits the internalisation of bacteria

Can help reduce redness, inflammation caused from bacterial build up

Helps in regulating oil/sebum production by acting as an astringent which helps to dry excess oil and tightens the skin to help the appearance of of damaged skin and large pores.

Helps treat acne breakout. Also helps to prevent bacterial infections

Can help reduce inflammation that is triggered in response to acne causing bacteria and clogged pores

Traditionally used for nappy rash

Aids in tissue growth- skin healing repair work of wounds and prevention of inflammation

layer of protection on the skin against irritants and bacteria

As an essential mineral, it has the important role of regulating enzyme functions that are needed to repair wounds to the skin and create new collagen /connective tissue

Zinc helps the amount of other active ingredients that are absorbed into the skin

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