As professional aromatherapists and natural healers, we at Mother Earth have used Rose Absolute in our therapeutic practice for years and have a deep respect for its ability to heal emotionally on a deep level.

​This wonderful oil was also our first choice to help with dry and mature skin as its cell regenerating ability is second to none.

Costly yet exquisite we have blended Rose with Geranium and Wild Rose Flower essence to make a synergistic blend that has wonderful rejuvenating properties for the mind, body & spirit.

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  • Raindrops & Roses Body Butter

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  • Raindrops & Roses Body Soak

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  • Raindrops & Roses Day Cream

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  • Raindrops & Roses Hand and Nail Cream

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  • Raindrops & Roses Night Balm

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Physical Benefits

Rejuvenating for dry or mature skin. Restoring and rehydrating. Can help with fine lines & wrinkles.

Emotional Benefits

Can help find a feeling of peacefulness and love. Emotionally uplifting.

Energetic Benefits

Can help replace apathy or resignation with a feeling of inner freedom and vitality. Especially applies to routine, everyday chores of life.

Psoriasis Care Collection
Raindrops and Roses Complete Collection

The complete Raindrops and Roses collection, beautifully presented in gift packaging and a bamboo gift box. You no longer have to choose between the products in this gorgeous range, enjoy them all!

Raindrops and Roses Day Cream and Night Cream Bundle
Raindrops & Roses Body Butter

An all over body treatment for dry skin. Hydrating, rejuvenating body moisturiser. We blend an infusion of comfrey leaves, which helps to repair skin cells, with the exotic essential oils of rose absolute & geranium.

Raindrops & Roses Day Cream

A rich holistic day cream to nourish and nurture your skin. Made with Avocado oil & Comfrey oil to repair the skin and help the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Raindrops & Roses Night Balm

A deep rejuvenating cream. An infusion of comfrey leaves is blended with the exotic essential oils of rose absolute & geranium.

Raindrops & Roses Hand and Nail Cream

A hydrating nourishing cream for dry to sensitive skin that's also wonderful for nails. This high quality cream is the best that nature has to offer.

Raindrops & Roses Toning Body Scrub

A rich moisturising holistic body scrub blended with Avocado oil for dry skin and Rose absolute & Geranium essential oils to hydrate, re-balance the skin and to help emotionally.

Raindrops & Roses Energy Clearing Aura Spray

An anti depressant spray to soothe and uplift your emotions and clear negative apathy.

Raindrops & Roses Body Soak

A romantic summers evening body soak. 100% natural hand made with rose absolute & geranium essential oils and Wild Rose Flower Remedy.

Raindrops & Roses Bath and Massage Oil

Formulated by professional aromatherapists to soothe the spirit and help find a sense of peacefulness & love. Lovely to use when feeling low, tired or plain fed up! Emotionally restoring at a deep level in the psyche.