Rose Essential Oil

Deep emotional healing

Distilled by effleurage whilst early morning dew is still on the petals. Absolute is gathered from the dark pink petals grown in mountainous regions

Traditional physical use
Healing for dehydrated skin

Traditional emotional use
Depression, fear, anger, grief

Traditional skin use
Nourishing for Dry, mature skin. Known to soothe reddened skin. Can help reduce appearance of broken capillaries

When working as a therapist for many years I came to rely on the amazing effects Rose absolute can have on the mind, body and spirit of people when deeply troubled by life’s events. If ever I wasn’t sure which oil to use I would choose Rose as it seems to work as a really deep level. Rose seems to make changes deep in the psyche but so subtly that you can only realize that things have changed by one day realising that you just feel differently. I find that it works particularly well with Men.

When the time came to choose oils for the Mother Earth collection Rose was a foregone conclusion. This was now over 18 years ago and many , many people have been surprised and delighted by the healing effect on a troubled mind that Rose can bring.