Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from plants to promote health, beauty and serenity of mind. Mother Earth Aromatherapy treatments can form part of the everyday healing regime, thus preserving our wellbeing of mind and therefore body.

​Ancient traditions have known the power of fragrance; Religions understood their ceremonial ability to generate elation. Some scents awaken psychic awareness, stimulate love, arouse passion and deepen spirituality. Aromatherapy is a time- honoured practice that has combined with modern scientific research and has thus enabled a sound therapeutic system to emerge.

In order to lead a balanced and healthy life we need to harmonise the constantly moving life giving vibrations allowing a free flow of life energy (prana or chi) to flow freely through us. When this happens we are linked to the universal forces which pass through us making us feel whole and connected.

When our internal vibrations are in harmony with the world and each other we are healthy and have high energy levels. The colour and aroma of plants set up positive vibratory systems in our energetic system and through the process of resonance natural healing can occur. These vibrations flood our physical body and our subtle body and thus release energetic blockages in our mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Mother Earth Herbal Help collection is a pure, natural, therapeutic massage oils that we hope will help you connect to your best, self- loving self

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  • Herbal Help Healthy Joints Massage Oil

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Night Night, Sleep Tight Collection
Healthy Sleep Tincture
Healthy Summertime Tincture
Healthy Immune System Tincture
Herbal Help Healthy Joints Massage Oil

An unbelievable mix to help painful joints.  Definitely One of our best selling products. We have TONS of feedback from people delighted with the results

Herbal Help Menopause Massage Oil

Massage regularly to help the hormones decline in balance to reduce the negative effects of the symptoms

Herbal Help Monthly Cycle Massage Oil

Massage everyday to help regulate your cycle and  thereby reduce the pain associated with painful spasms.

Herbal Help Anti-Anxiety Massage Oil

An effective blend of essential oils specifically chosen to help with anxiety and panic attacks. All Blended in a base of sweet almond oil ready for immediate use.

Herbal Help Sports Mix Massage Oil

Use to prepare for sport and use to reduce lactic acid build up after exercise.  A secret weapon to improve sporting performance!

Healthy Wintertime Massage Oil

A lovely supportive decongesting mix that is effective to use to support your immune system in the winter or to use to alleviate symptoms.