Olive Oil

A potent anti oxidant

Superb skin nourishment

Cold pressed to conserve the energy of Nature’s healing power

Rejuvenating- Jeanne Calment who is the person with the longest confirmed life span uses it as her skin care routine- just rubbing it into her skin every day.

Potent anti oxidant properties with essential fatty acids of:

Oleic, Palmitoleic, Linoleic, linolenic, Omega 3, Omega and 5, very high in Omega 7,

Vitamins A. B1, B2, B6, C, E

Rich in proteins and minerals and saturated fatty acids

The Vitamin E content means it is particularly for blemishes, spots, discolouration, scars, uneven skin tone.

Contains Squalene which mimics our natural sebum which means that Olive oil can be used to help balance Oily skin.

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