Our brand new Vegan range.

Hand made using a cold process method for the creams so no heat is involved. There is also no added water so these creams are super nutritive with their herbal energy intact.

Made with care in our tiny workshop In the lake district using carefully selected ingredients.

We are proud and excited to present this collection to you as they have tested so positively by our testing panels.

We hope you will find them effective and beautiful to use

Vegan Beauty Inside and Out
Fresh Feet Collection
Hemp & Patchouli Repairing Hand & Nail Cream

Cold processed, holistic protective cream rich in essential fatty acids to protect the skin and strengthen nails. A restoring emollient that is wonderfully grounding. With Patchouli, lavender and Ylang ylang for confidence.

Apricot Kernel and Jojoba Cleansing Oil Serum

A totally pure, natural, unfragranced serum for deeply cleansing the face. Protects the outer lipid layer of the face to help reduce breakout. Gentle yet effective.  For daily use.

Safflower and Orange Blossom Nourishing Body Butter

A totally natural, emotionally balancing body moisturiser. Raw and water free, Hand made with healing infusions of leaves, seeds and flowers. Geranium and orange blossom essential oils. Extreme moisturiser yet light and easily absorbed.

Peppermint and Tea tree Soothing Foot Balm

An anti-bacterial balm with Tea tree and peppermint essential oils. A rich moisturiser made with Hemp oil, Mango butter, Olive oil and coconut butter for dry, aching feet and shins. Naturally anti-fungal anti antiseptic.

Rosewater and Frankincense Botanical Skin Toner

Refreshing and naturally fragrant. Soothing for reddened skin. This skin tonic is excellent for re-generating skin cells and can help to strengthen surface capillaries.

Rose & Frankincense Restoring Night Balm

A rejuvenating and protecting holistic night bam to restore ceramide levels and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Easily absorbed and deeply penetrating. Non greasy and doesn’t clog the pores. Hand made with safflower, Hemp seed and Sweet almond oil, Candelilla wax and mango butter.

Cotton Seed & Frankincense Protecting Day Cream

A beautiful, light, easily absorbed moisturiser with jojoba oil and shea nut butter for protection from the environment, comfrey to repair, Apricot kernel to hydrate and essential oils of Rose absolute, lavender and frankincense for inner well-being. Raw, Cold processed  cream for maximum herbal energy.