Secret Garden Body Soak

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A soak to help Gardener’s relax after connecting with nature.

Warming essential oils to ease tired, aching muscles.
A Gardeners achey body soak. 100% natural, hand made with patchouli for grounding, relaxation and connecting with nature and warming lavender which can help ease tired, sore muscles.

Hand made with patchouli for grounding, relaxation and connecting with nature and warming lavender which can help ease tired, sore muscles.

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Soak - run a warm bath then sprinkle a couple of tablespoons into your bath step in and let the oils and salts relax you, ground you and connect you to your inner self- thereby releasing your creative potential.

Scrub - mix a handful of this soak with a capful of secret garden bath and massage oil. Scrub over aching muscles before stepping into a lovely warm bath and lets the salts and oils gently infuse the water around or body

Sniff - if in a hurry and needing an emotional 'calm me down', Simply unscrew the cap and take a massive sniff to allow the essential oils to seep into your senses- Reminding you of your unique connection with the universe.

Saturate - After your bath just massage the secret garden hand cream into your tired hands or feet... or calves...or back...or neck. Moisturising and layering the benefits of the essential oils. Locking in the moisture to help your skin regenerate during a lovely night's sleep.

Calendula Petals

Cornflower Petals

Dead Sea Salt
Well being salts

Epsom Salts
Therapeutic, cleansing and rejuvenating natural salts

Lavender Essential Oil
Stress relieving

Patchouli Essential Oil

Peppermint Leaves

Rose Petals

Well being salts to help release serotonin in a natural, holistic way. A Secret garden soak can be grounding and soothing to help release you from the hamster wheel of mind cluttering worries.
  • Achey Bodies
  • Grounding
  • In our tiny workshop overlooking the Duddon valley we infuse a mix of dead sea salts and epsom salts with our lovely blend of essential oils. The dryness of the salts absorbs the energies of the essential oils beautifully. We then sprinkle in handfuls of flower petals then pack down into jars ready to send to you. We do not make huge quantities and a batch might only be 6 jars, this way we ensure that the soak will reach you with maximum freshness and potency.
    • Propellants
    • Artificial chemicals
    • Parabens
    • Artificial fragrance oils
    • Artificial preservatives
    • Cruelty Free
    • Not tested on animals
    • Mineral Oils
    • Water


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