Introducing our completely natural, powerful collection of Bath and Massage oil, Aura spray and Body Soak using the three most powerful essential oils to help disperse pessimistic, negative energy.

Use as part of your wellness routine especially if under pressure due to a stressful lifestyle or if constant exhaustion threatens to separate you from your inner equilibrium.

The bad day remedy collection is our most powerful collection of inner healing products as they contain specific essential oils for deep seated emotional problems.

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    Positive Mindset Collection

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Physical Benefits

Moisturising and soothing for dry or uneven skin.

Emotional Benefits

Helps allay acute panic. A deep healer for the psyche. Support for your work on healing past hurts and grief. Restore self- confidence. Relieve anxiety.

Energetic Benefits

Encourages a feeling of hope and brings you back to yourself after stress has frayed your nerves and left you feeling disconnected.

Positive Mindset Collection
Bad Day Remedy Bath and Massage Oil

Massage regularly and deeply into your body to allow the amazing energy to seep through your senses.

Bad Day Remedy Body Soak

A negative energy clearing soak, to help you regain a sense of hope in the most trying situations.

Bad Day Remedy Mindfulness Spray

Spray to recover a sense of hope and sense of perspective. Rise and Neroli can help disperse negative, pessimistic energy whilst ylang-ylang can help restore your self confidence.