The bodies of tiny babies do not need to be bombarded with synthesised fragrances, mineral oils and artificial chemicals. They only need to absorb the finest ingredients that have been provided by nature to meet their needs.

Mother Earth products were created as a result of my experience and we are now delighted to offer you a way to care for you and your baby in a sensible, natural and holistic way.

We recognise that this time is a challenging and demanding one and we want to help, if we can, to make this time as lovely as possible for you both.

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Mother and Baby Collection
Eczema Soothing Collection
Mother and Baby Pregnancy Oil

Amazingly effective for preventing stretch marks.

100% natural and unfragranced.

Mother & Baby New Baby Balm

Wonderfully gentle and excellent for use on baby’s bottom. Can be used as a barrier cream as well as for little patches of dry skin.

Mother and Baby Problem Skin Cream

A natural, gentle, effective treatment for problem skin.