I am often asked by first time customers if they should choose the Raindrops and Roses body butter or the hand cream and is one better than the other for Psoriasis?

They are both super rich moisturisers- much richer than normal mass produced hand creams but the body butter is even richer than the hand cream. If you need the richest moisturiser try the Body Butter but if you just want to try something to see if it works then go with the hand cream.

Both products contain Avocado oil and Comfrey oil. These are what gives the products a very slight greenish hue.

Avocado is ultra rich and Comfrey is known for treating damaged skin. We just pour a little into the cream after we have taken the pan off the heat. It’s invaluable when treating skin damaged by the sun or climate as it is particularly high in nature’s antioxidants. These are natures’ repairers and protect the skin against the effects of free radical damage from the climate and the sun.

We put pure Beeswax in both the Hand cream and the Body butter as it helps to soothe and calm the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and complex.

We also use the same blend of Rose essential oil which works at a really deep level in the psyche and Geranium Essential oil which is very balancing.

The extra ingredient in the body butter is the Shea butter. The Shea butter is highly emollient which is why we use it in the super rich body butter but it is also rejuvenating with high levels of Vitamin A and E. Both are powerful antioxidants to help slow down the signs of ageing and feed the skin when it is undernourished or de-hydrated.

Whilst both feel super oily they don’t sit on the skin. It takes a little bit of getting used to- you really only use a tiny smidge and it just spreads all over. Prepare to be amazed at how it just soaks into the skin and how soft it makes even the roughest, driest skin.

We had our little shop in Grasmere from 2005 until 2015. We always had a sample pot one of the body butters on a little stool for people to try as they were walking past. Often people would rub this into their hands and then would pop into the shop on their way back from looking around the village. One day, A lady came back into the shop looking a little flustered. I asked her if she was OK? and she explained that the Raindrops and Roses Body Butter had taken her psoriasis away! She showed me and her skin looked lovely. She said it was the only thing that had ever helped her Psoriasis! Delighted, she bought a pot and has never looked back. We can’t make any medical claims for the product and actually, have no idea how or why it works!

We do, however make connections between customers so if people tell us a products has worked for something we will pass it on. So, over the years, we have recommended trying the Raindrops and roses body butter to hundreds of people to see if it helps and have had loads of positive feedback. This goes from helping soothe ‘a little’ to being a ‘cure’ and everything in between.

Something is working or maybe it is the synergy of the ingredients. We call it a happy accident.

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