Fresh as a Daisy Foot Balm

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A natural anti-bacterial, deodorising treatment for rough skin on aching feet & cracked heels. Has to be tried to be believed. It works wonderfully if after massaging into the feet, you put on a pair of cotton socks to help the balm soak in. After a few nights, your feet should be unrecognisable!

Lemon is great for corns so we use it here for tough, hard, dry skin in the feet.

The oils are deeply moisturising so perfect for flaking dry skin on the soles or side of the feet.

Tea tree is anti viral, anti fungal and antiseptic so attacks bugs on the feet and helps protect against bacterial attack.

The Lavender is deeply soothing so perfect for massaging into the feet before sleep.

Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Beeswax make it lovely and moisturising to massage in between the toes to keep skin soft and pliable and therefore more resistant to infection. These natural plant oils are protecting to naturally penetrate deep into damaged rough skin cells to repair and renew.

A natural anti-bacterial, deodorising treatment for rough skin on aching feet & cracked heels.

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Rub into feet when tired or aching. Massage deeply into fissures on heels and in between toes.

Massage into dry shins especially if prone to itching.

Keep handy to use if needed and tell us what you use it for!

Anti -inflammatory protective

Lavender Essential Oil
Stress relieving

Lemon Essential Oil

Olive Oil
A potent anti oxidant

Organic Sunflower Oil
Essential for Moisture retaining

Tee Tree Essential Oil
Protective; anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial

Vitamin E Oil

Keep handy as a first aid balm. An anti- bacterial, antiseptic, antifungal salve. Barrier, so moisture retaining. Protecting against bugs. Emotionally energizing. Natural plant oils to soften hard skin.
  • Barrier Cream
  • Feet
  • First Aid
  • Softening
  • Hand made with lots of care in our tiny workshop in the lake district this is one of our most popular products. We gently melt the beeswax and then take the pan off the heat before we pour in carefully measured amounts of nature's most potent anti-oxidants to protect your feet from environmental stress. The natural oils- Vitamin E,Olive and Organic sunflower oil s are packed full of nature's vitamins and minerals- natural antioxidants to protect us against environmental damage so they need to be respected and handled with the utmost care. Connecting to the earth and moving us through our lives what could be important than protecting our feet? Minimally processed with no added water, we then add drops of the essential oil blend that has helped so many people for such a long time. We then leave it to cool before labelling and sending it out to you. A batch might typically be 20 pots so we virtually make to order thereby ensuring the maximum freshness and efficacy of the jar that becomes yours.
    • Propellants
    • Artificial chemicals
    • Parabens
    • Artificial fragrance oils
    • Artificial preservatives
    • Cruelty Free
    • Not tested on animals
    • Mineral Oils
    • Water


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