Secret Garden naturally celebrates the wonderful, energetic connection gardeners have with nature.

Physically it helps relieve aching backs, and sore hands afterwards! This wonderful, earthy mix of Patchouli and Lavender essential oils is
grounding and soothing.

The connection gardeners have with the earth is supported by the emotional energy of this special blend of essential oils.

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Physical Benefits

A wonderful warming muscle treatment for tired, aching muscles.

Emotional Benefits

A tonic for tired spirits. Grounding. Acceptance of physical self . Relaxing.

Energetic Benefits

Helps release creativity and build inner security and contentment.

Caring For The Gardener
Secret Garden Gardner’s Hand Cream

A smoothing cream for chapped skin.Helps soften rough hands & deeply moisturise after connection with the earth.

Secret Garden Body Soak

Hand made with patchouli for grounding, relaxation and connecting with nature and warming lavender which can help ease tired, sore muscles.

Secret Garden Bath and Massage Oil

Formulated to bring relief from back pain and aching muscles.