The balancing range of skin products has been created to help all skin types re-establish their own natural balance.

At Mother Earth we are experienced natural health practitioners. The Holistic Skincare collection has been created to have wonderful results on the complexion through helping the body, mind and spirit. We believe that beauty care is not just physical. Organic Ladies Mantle & Burdock Root are used because of their ability to help the skin re-establish its own natural balance. Rose Geranium & Neroli are balancing essential oils that resonate with the female energy. If you have oily skin, break-out due to stress or the time of the month, this collection is for you.

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Organic Orangeflower Skin Tonic
Orange Flower and Walnut Face Scrub

A light scrub that is nutritive, gentle and effective. Holistically working to support mind as well as body. A well being must have.

Organic Orange Flower and Burdock Cleanser

A rinse off cleanser made with olive oil soap, organic herbs, Geranium and Neroli essential oils.

Organic Orange Flower and Hypericum Night Cream

A pot of concentrated herbal energy to help bring your skin back to balance. Helping support you emotionally as well as physically.

Organic Orange Flower and Hypericum Day Cream

A gentle and effective cream for use during the day with the extra protection of zinc oxide the wonderful oils of St John's wort and carrot and essential oils of Orange blossom- Neroli and geranium can help your skin re- find its own natural balance.