Humans form a natural symbiosis with plants. Herbs work on the physical body, acting to integrate and balance its physiological function and to augment our inner vitality.

​In our age of drugs of chemicals, herbs offer a natural treatment that respects the oneness of life.

The advantage that herbs have over man-made chemicals is that nature sensibly packages her own chemicals in such well-balanced and minute proportions.

The use of Aromatherapy oils in our wellness routine can bring about dramatic improvements in the toxic negative emotions that we accumulate, thus substantially improving our well being and general health. This can result in increased vitality and can make visible improvements in the texture and appearance of the skin.

Daily application of these natural antiseptics supports the skin’s natural resistance to germs. They also stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, encourage new skin cells and so help wounds to heal.

Mother Earth Herbal help collection is pure herbs, plant oils and essential oils offered to you with the intention of helping you find your healthiest, happiest self.

By reaching right down to the cause, often emotional, and not just alleviating the symptoms, you can ensure you are treating yourself with the very best Nature has to offer.

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  • Scar Treatment Oil

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Herbal Help Bacteria Zapper

Excellent for insect bites and anything that needs a good Zap with natural anti bacterial essential oils

Hair Conditioning Oil

A treatment oil for lovely glossiness and shine.  Wonderful as a treatment oil for dandruff and dry scalp.

Oil for Falling Hair

A treatment oil to stimulate new hair growth and prevent premature hair loss, particularly if stress related

Broken Capillary Oil

To repair broken capillaries and reduce redness.

Scar Treatment Oil

For reducing the lumpiness and redness of scar tissue.  Can be used on old scars as well.