Organic Calendula Oil

Repairing and soothing

Infused marigold flowers. Soothing for rashes. Full of anti-inflammatory compounds such as triterpenoids and glycosides so wonderful for skin problems. Helps Relieve inflammation.

Anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and antiseptic. High in Flavenoids and linoleic acid to fight inflammation

Help for dry skin.

Contains Triterpenoids, flavonoids carotenoids and saponins that are potent antoxidants to protect against free radicals and attract moisture.

They help stimulate the regeneration of elastin and collagen which improves the appearance of the skin as these are not regenerated so quickly in later years

Non comedogenic so doesn’t clog the pores

Reduces sores and infections. Stimulates tissue renewal and collagen production. Helps relieve redness, swelling and bruising. Aids wound healing.

Traditional herbalists have known about the benefit of calendula for centuries and science is now beginning to back up those claims. The use of calendula oil is even being investigated as effective for skin damage following radiation therapy.

Epithelisation is part of the wound healing process. Collagen is generated on the site of the wound to re-seal the broken skin. Calendula oil is now Scientifically proven to heal wounds faster and with less scarring.

Calendula oil was used to treat wounds in both the First world war and the American Civil War

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