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raindrops & roses body butter 250ml

raindrops & roses body butter 250ml

Product Information

raindrops & roses body butter 250ml

An all over body treatment for dry skin. Hydrating, rejuvenating body moisturiser. We blend an infusion of comfrey leaves, which helps to repair skin cells, with the exotic essential oils of rose absolute & geranium. We then stir in the richly moisturising avocado oil and melted beeswax. Shea nut butter is added to ensure that this all over body butter will nurture your skin using nature's heavy duty skin repairers. Used every day the essential oils may help emotionally to find a feeling of peacefulness and love.

Use sparingly. This doesn't behave like a mass market produced 'white cream'. Massage into your body, leave for a few minutes to soak in. The butter is absorbed into your skin rather than sitting on the surface. It really does leave your skin feeling as if it has been moisturised.

Organic sunflower oil, shea butter, comfrey oil, avocado oil, Lakeland spring water, beeswax, geranium & rose absolute essential oils, Wild Rose Flower Remedy, borax, grapefruit seed extract.

FAQs Psoriasis

Q: What is Psoriasis?

A: Psoriasis is a common skin disorder. It occurs equally in men and women at any age and tends to come and go unpredictably. It is not infectious and does not scar the skin. Patches of psoriasis are red and have a very defined edge from the surrounding skin.

Psoriasis can be itchy and painful splits may form within it. Some sufferers can also have stiff joints.

Q: Can Psoriasis be cured?

A: No. However treatment to control the signs and symptoms is usually effective.

What Mother earth customers say :

My husband suffers really bad from psoriasis. Since using the Raindrops and Roses Body Butter 75% of it has cleared up. This wonderful cream has given him great relief.

Grasmere shop customer 01.07.07.

I have been a psoriasis sufferer for 30 years or more. I suffer on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. It has been so bad that sometimes I found it hard to handle things because it hurt so much. I would go to great lengths to  try and conceal my problem from everyone as I did not want people seeing my hands covered in yellow blisters. I tried all the  proprietary medicines prescribed by my GP but none of them worked. These are products such as Betnovate, Dermovate and lots of  other that made no difference.

Whilst walking in Grasmere last year I saw the Raindrops and Roses Body Butter outside the shop and decided to try some. I have been applying the cream on a regular basis and since then  the psoriasis has been suppressed. I know that it is your cream that is making the difference as  a few weeks ago I was ill and neglected to cream up for a couple of days and the next week my yellow blisters were back.

So… Thank-you for the cure and Thanks for making this wonderful product that has made such a difference to me.

Mr John Butler 03.06.07

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