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28/3/2020 02:56 pm
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With all this snow and ice fast disappearing the first signs of spring are very welcome.   Driving to work this morning there was no snow on the hills at all it looked quite strange.  The lake was very still with the hills and fells clearly reflected in the water.  Spring is on its way!!!

We have made great use of our quiet time are launching an amazing fifteen new products! We have dramatically updated our organic skin collection as well as our face and body moisturisers.

So here they are:

1. Day creams with natural sun protection.

Three new organic day creams with natural sun protection. Mature, balancing and sensitive. Whilst customers love our moisturisers we felt we need to make a lighter more easily absorbing cream for day time use. We have repositioned the current moisturisers as night creams.

We have also done this in the Raindrops and Roses and Cloud Nine range , the old Cloud Nine day cream is now the Cloud Nine night cream and the Cloud Nine day cream is a completely different product.

Everyone has been asking for a moisturiser with sunscreen in so here they are, whilst we can’t claim a SPF factor (completely natural ingredients only and all that) zinc oxide is a naturally occurring mineral from Ireland which offers x28 times protection than not using anything in it. Not a sun block by any means but it works by reflecting sunlight back from the skin.

We have also added vegetable glycerine which is a natural humectants (holds water under the skin so helps prevent moisture loss) ylang ylang essential oils yummy!

Again a great offer of £45 for all three products, normal price £20 for soap, £15 for shave oil and £20 for moisturiser.

We have also finally filled some gaps, for example a Simply Relaxing soap bar where there was none:

A larger Healthy Joints oil at a bargain 100ml for £18.99 continually one of our fastest selling products as our customers say it relieves their pain of arthritis almost straight away.

Our Problem Skin Cream previously only available in 60ml size is now available in 120ml for £18.99 and 250ml for £35, a great saving if your little one is covered in eczema. We where making bigger pots on special order but where doing this so frequently we decided to make it official.

Unfortunately, we had to lose a few products – the Grapefruit Detox has gone as have the liquid soaps (apart form Fresh as a Daisy which is in demand for teenage skin), the face steamer and the previous body scrubs – Sorry if you liked them.

Hope to hear from you soon,





Caring for yourself the natural way with Mother Earth products from Grasmere

'Did you see that programme, Grumpy Old Women, on the television recently? They were going on about night creams, that none of them made a difference, and I was jumping up and down and going 'mine does!' Jane Holroyd, of Mother Earth, Grasmere, tells Hilary Scott why her products Work.

Have you got anything for a stressed out journalist? was my desperate request of Jane Holroyd, when I finally arrived at her shop in Grasmere. It had been one of Those days and the struggle to find anywhere to park in the village was the last Straw. "What you need is my Bad Day Bath Soak," she immediately recommended. It sounded very tempting - but the lack of a bath meant it was not immediately possible. However, in the end all I needed to do was to stand in Jane's lovely shop and breathe in the calming fragrances of roses and orange blossom, lavender and camomile and that frazzled feeling just disappeared. It's a good thing there are no chairs - I would still be there, stress-free and totally relaxed.

The shop has been open since May, the natural extension of Jane's business Mother Earth which she set up with two main reasons in mind - to offer people a natural alternative to skincare made with artificial chemicals, and to provide products that combine therapy with every day living.

A genuine cottage industry, Jane and her helpers cook up her hand made products on the kitchen cooker, hand filling jars and sticking on labels. But there is nothing parochial about the interest in her products. Her Mother and Baby range is stocked by Harvey Nichols, as well as being reviewed in The Guardian, while the Raindrops and Roses body butter was voted one of the top six body moisturisers in the country by the Sunday Express, holding its own against world-famous brands such as Yves St Laurent and Estee Lauder. And it is not just her products which are receiving recognition. Jane has appeared on TV on This Morning, and this year was awarded the title of Entrepreneur of the Year by the Cumbrian Rural Women's Network.

Why are the products so good? "They are completely natural, because they are just the energy from the herbs and essential oils, no fillers, no convenience products for the sake of the manufacturers or distributors or retailers. Come to think of it, it's just how you would make the product if you were making it yourself, using the best natural ingredients," Jane said. A trained therapist she has been making her own products for about five years, starting by making them for clients. But it wasn't until she moved to Cumbria that she really started to set up a business.

She uses as many local products as possible, including herbs and beeswax, and uses only water from an underground Lakeland spring, with no added chemicals at all. The olive oil for her soaps comes from a rural village co-operative in the mountains of Andalucía in Spain - in fact an area she said that was known as the Spanish Lake district. Her very first product was a night cream which she admits has changed a few times and mostly because she listens to her customers. It used to be a rose and frankincense night cream, now it is an avocado organic night cream, although it still contains frankincense oil, "which has been used to preserve and restore skin for ever."

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