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4/4/2020 01:30 pm
organic facial skin care

organic facial skin care


This mother earth product collection is borne out of years of observing the amazing affects of herbs, essential oils and flower remedies on the complexion.

We are experienced natural health practitioners and our collection of holistic skin care products has been created to have wonderful results on the complexion through helping the body, mind and spirit. We believe that beauty care is not just physical.

For our products to be as powerful as this, they need to work with the person as a whole: to help energetically and emotionally. It is only then that the complexion can show the results of clearing the mind and the spirit of toxic negative emotions.


I am often asked why we no longer carry the Soil Association Organic certification. The reason is that my views on what makes a product truly organic varies from theirs. To my mind a true organic product is not mass produced , does not contain ingredients flown across the world , does not contain any artificial ingredients at all and is made in small batches and if possible made in this country.

To my way of thinking if you make what is essentially a mass produced pharmaceutical product and use some organic ingredients it is not an organic product. The whole synergistic energy of the product is more than a sum of its organic ingredients, an example of this is the beeswax we use when first certified. Up until then we had sourced our beeswax locally – it wasn't organic because it made no commercial sense to get certification as it was produced in such small quantities , yet it was produced in our valley – no traffic , no arable farming , no pollution and gathered by hand by individual bee keepers . In order to comply with organic certification our beeswax was flown in from Africa!! The debate can get quite complex.

First and foremost we at Mother Earth make our products with healing ingredient. We take only natural ingredients, process them very carefully in the most minimal way in order to preserve the healing quality of the ingredient. We source local ingredients, wherever we can we use glass packaging, we recycle everything we can, ours is not a mass produced pharmaceutical industry products and I don't want customers to confuse our products with their products just because we both call our products “organic”.

In my opinion The Soil Association when certifying organic products such as that's available in supermarkets and mass market chemists one dictating the term organic, so id rather our products not be associated with these types of products.

The 100% Natural logo we use is probably more central to our ethos than the word organic; it’s a deeper term that means what it says. We are revolutionary in our simplicity in a world claiming to be natural, we are truly natural and that's what Mother Earth stands for.

Jane Holroyd

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