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essential oils

essential oils


The Aromatherapy Essential Oils will be added to the web site soon.

Aromatherapy is a healing art, which uses essential oils extracted from plants to promote health, beauty and serenity of mind. Aromatherapy treatments can form part of the everyday healing regime that we can use to aid our body in its fight against disease of mind and thus body. It can bring about dramatic improvements in the toxic negative emotions that we accumulate, thus substantially improving our well being and general health, resulting in increased vitality and can make visible improvements in the texture and appearance of the skin.

Essential oils the versatile tools of the Aromatherapist. They are the essence of the plants. They are the most concentrated forms of herbal energy representing the spirit, the soul of the plant. The oils contain hormones, antibiotics, vitamins, and antiseptics. They are highly volatile which means that they evaporate readily in open air; this makes them powerfully penetrative when applied externally to the human body. They penetrate through the layers of the skin whence they travel to the organs, glands and tissues if the body in order to stimulate the body’s self healing process. They affect the nervous system where they can be both relaxing or stimulating.

Daily application of these natural antiseptics can build up the skins natural resistance to illness that germs can bring. They also stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells and so encourage new skin cells and so help wounds to heal.

Ancient traditions have known the power of fragrance; Religions understood their ceremonial ability to generate elation. Some scents awaken psychic awareness, stimulate love, arouse passion and deepen spirituality. Aromatherapy is a time- honoured practice that has combined with modern scientific research and has thus enabled a sound therapeutic system to be built up.

Everything in the Universe is made up of a moving mass of particles. Atoms and molecules are in a constant state of movement passing electrical vibrations to one another. Groups of molecules which vibrate at the same frequency and thus held together in-groups forming physical matter. Molecules form groups of cells to form organs tissues glands and all parts of our body. Cells communicate with each other through vibrational impulses which interchange light, colour, aroma and electrical currents.

In order to lead a balanced and healthy life we need to harmonies the constantly moving life giving vibrations allowing a free flow of life energy (prana or chi) to flow freely through us. When this happens we are linked to the universal forces which pass through us making us feel whole and connected.

When our internal vibrations are in harmony with the world and each other we are healthy and have high energy levels. Discordant vibrations can override the existing patterns in our system causing stress and disharmony. If these harmful vibrations are not removed then illness will result. Discordant vibrations are found in our environment and negative thoughts and emotions or commonly suppression of these emotions. The colour and aroma of plants set up positive vibratory systems in our energetic system and through the process of resonance natural healing can occur. These vibrations flood our physical body and our subtle body and thus release energetic blockages in our mental, emotional and spiritual selves, this way disease can be prevented before they manifest themselves and many chronic illnesses which appear to have no cause can be banished.

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