We have a wide range of products to help with stress, relaxation and quality of sleep. It’s probably best to choose the type of product you are drawn to.

The Healthy sleep tincture is the simplest and most convenient product to use as you just take a few drops in water before bedtime. Yo could also put some in a cup with a tiny bit of water and have it by your bed. If you wake up you can just down it without disturbing yourself and you don’t need to turn the light on, get up, wander around etc. which can become a habit.

The Sensitive organic facial skin care range is lovely to use as a bedtime routine to settle you down before bedtime. The pure chamomile essential oil is lovely to help with disturbing dreams and nightmares.

The Simply relaxing collection is also calming to use throughout the day and as part of your well being routine to manage stress and anxiety.