The Holistic hub is here to serve both our local community and for visitors here on holiday.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences through talking, listening and experiencing.
We are developing a deeper understanding of who we are and how to heal ourselves.

We love the joy of healing experiences such as; sound baths. Light and colour, listening to frequency music, chanting, singing. walking, dancing, tree hugging, grounding, laughing experimenting with water and anything else we can think of!

We provide a platform to people who have something significant to say about natural healing. The aim is to share this with both our local community and with visitors.

We offer a Ground breaking collaboration of practitioners. For complex health issues we work together to offer a holistic approach often covering physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic healing modalities. You will be taking responsibility for your own healing so your personal contact within the Hub will work with you to navigate your treatment options and help formulate your individual. This journey can start in person at Windermere or Caldbeck and will often continue on line.