Peppermint and Tea Tree Soothing Foot Balm

Because our Fresh as a Daisy Foot Balm has been so very popular over the years, we felt we needed to offer a vegan alternative and we hope you will agree that the Peppermint and Tea Tree Soothing Foot Balm is just as special.

I always say that Mother Earth conceived in Australia when we visited the west coast for the Millennium. The energy of the land is something I have never experienced before and it was on that trip that I felt moved to start work on developing products made with pure herbal energy. As I watched the millennium sunrise during a meditation in the bush with friends I knew I wanted my life to go in a different direction.

We were camping in the bush for most of the time- an experience I feel was life changing and set the course for the rest of my life. Physically I wouldn’t have survived without my trusty bottle of Tea tree oil. The energy in Tea tree is so potent it was just what I needed for protection. As a homage to that energetic and spiritual journey I have invited Tea tree oil into this new Vegan Foot Balm.
Using Coconut butter which has been popular in our New Baby Balm as it is so soft and moisturising, our lovely new Mango butter, and our trusty favourite Olive oil, nutritive and protecting from our Fresh as a daisy Foot Balm. We have blended this with the ‘Holy Grail’ of oils Hemp seed oil, and the Vegan Candelilla wax. We find this Balm seems to form a protective barrier as well as soften hard skin.

We decided to use Peppermint oil to help cool the feet as well as help to stimulate the circulation. Then the obvious choice for protection is the anti-viral,anti-fungal, antiseptic Tea Tree oil- it also helps to rub the balm into thickened nails or ridges or whiteness on the nails. Rub between the toes to clear loose skin and restore strong, clear, healthy skin.

Rose and Frankincense Restoring Night Balm

As we have so many customers who love to use a balm at night time we wanted to make a vegan alternative. We discovered the Candelilla wax and we hope you’ll agree that it is lovely. Using a balm at bedtime just seems really soothing and this Candelilla wax is soft and soaks in beautifully.

We opted for our newly discovered combination of Hemp oil, Apricot Kernel oil and Safflower oil then added our reliable Organic Sunflower oil as we find it indispensable for moisture retaining. Then we decided that you can’t actually improve on our unbeatable blend of Rose, Frankincense and lavender essential oils as they are supportive, deeply healing and wonderful for restoring the skin.

Balms can feel oily at first and can take some getting used to. Its comforting to have that oily-lovely-ness to rub into your feet and as you massage you can feel the balm melting away under your fingers. You can then flex your feet to enjoy the new suppleness. Some people like to put a little pair of cotton socks on before bed and wake up to renewed feet in the morning. It does seem to help the process of changing hard, tough skin into soft pliable skin.

It can feel a little counter intuitive to use a balm on your face. You only need a tiny little bit and once you have got used to it- nothing else will do. The slippyness becomes welcoming once you are used to the balm soaking into the skin and protecting you whilst you sleep. Its comforting to know that you are not putting artificial chemicals on your skin and nothing superfluous or unnecessary. Knowing that the essential oils are helping you emotionally means that you can relax in the knowledge that you are making yourself beautiful inside as well as outside.

We Hope you enjoy using them and look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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