Vegan, 100% natural and Holistic.

We’re so very excited to be launching our new Green Healing collection. We seem to have been working on this collection for ages. We are now sure that we have the best formulations and we are very happy with the feedback from the testing with trial customers.

No water, No heat!

Safflower and Orange blossom Nourishing Body Butter
Hemp and Patchouli Repairing Hand and Nail Cream
Cotton seed and Frankincense Protecting Day Cream

Perhaps our main achievement is that we have made three creams that are made with a brand new cold process which, as natural healers is so exciting to us. By not processing the most precious oils and butters it means that their complex healing properties can be applied onto the skin in as pure a form as possible.

Also very exciting to us( we get it- we are a bit geeky about this!) is the development of being able to make the most wonderful soft creams without using any water. We are excited because this means that they are more pure and concentrated. Whilst being so soft and creamy and soaking in so quickly.

Even after all these years we are still surprised and delighted by customers telling us how effective natural plant oils can be. We have our favourites now we have the opportunity to include some fabulous new oils and we are so happy with the results. This is such treat to us! We have been delighted by the feedback in development so now we are looking forward to hear about customers’ experiences when using the new Green Healing products.

We have chosen aluminium tins as the most most environmentally friendly option in that we can reduce the weight and the tins are 100% re-recyclable and can be recycled over and over again. The label design is a wonderful design that we love from our label designer Andrew and he has been able to adapt a painting from our ‘in house’ artist- i.e. Me!


The Green Healing range is 100% Vegan and this means we have been able to develop our new products using new ingredients to us so they have been exciting and interesting to work with. We would love loyal customers who have been using our established products to give us feedback as to how they feel that the Vegan products compare to their favourites. Most of all though we look forward to welcoming new customers and hearing their feedback on Mother Earth Green Healing products.

Three new creams

We have three creams which use arrowroot, the cold processing of the ingredients and no water.

Safflower and Orange blossom Nourishing Body Butter.

This truly is the most nourishing butter and we have made it as the richest of the new Green Healing creams. Amazingly it is also really light and ,of course incredibly moisturising.

Safflower is a new oil to us and we chose it because it is an extreme moisturiser with a comedagenic factor of 0 so it doesn’t clog the pores. Hemp oil is also new to us, but of course we were keen to include the ‘Holy grail’ of plant oils as it restores moisture without blocking the pores. Apricot kernel has a lovely affinity with the skin so complements the Hemp and Safflower oils beautifully as it is an extreme moisturiser but also incredibly light and is renowned for its speed of absorption.

Mango butter is a super anti-oxidant and we decided to use it in a wonderful Shea butter combo. as their fatty acid profiles complement one another perfectly. This provides the base for the cream and maximum skin nourishment. Of course, we don’t uses beeswax in the Vegan products. The new creams don’t feel greasy or heavy and incredibly work well with oily skin as well as dry skin.
We use Arrowroot to blend the mix as this amazing rhizome also supports the skin’s natural Ph balance as well as being soothing and anti inflammatory.

We couldn’t resist putting in a dab of Avocado oil because we have loved it so much over the years as being such a nutritive effective moisturiser.

We are so pleased to be using a new combination of trusty essential oils ; Neroil and Geranium. We are finding this emotionally uplifting and balancing at the same time. I feel sure you will find the benefit of the blend of these amazingly supportive essential oils.

The Hemp and Patchouli Repairing Hand and nail cream

A hand cream for our time.

So delighted were we with the combination we feel we had perfected in the Body Butter when we came to chose our formulation for the we decided to just switch the rich, green avocado oil for almond oil purely to get an even lighter feel to enable hand cream to soak in quickly. We must have known that this formulation would have been just what is needed! We are all washing their hands more routinely so are in need of a hand cream that soaks in quickly quick and is an effective moisturiser. We find that his cream also offers some protection as the natural oils soak right into the skin. By not sitting on the surface and being rubbed off they protect your hands right up until you have to wash them again.

When we ere choosing the essential oil blend for the hand cream we had no idea of what lay ahead for us all. Interestingly if we had been asked to choose a blend that would be able to support us emotionally through our crisis- we would have chosen this mix.
We chose Ylang ylang essential oil which is great for building self confidence, lavender is, of course relaxing and helps reduce stress and Patchouli is grounding- perfect for these mind-spinning times.

We chose the blend by smell i.e. using our instinct over our knowledge so we like to think we were guided to this very special blend.

Cotton seed and Frankincense Protecting Day cream

Facial skin care

We thought this new cream we had created would be beautiful for use as a day cream for the face.

We then set to ‘work’ choosing the lightest, gentlest oils for our new and very special day cream.

We knew we had to use our trusted Jojoba oil as it is so close in composition to our skin’s own sebum. It offers as little challenge as possible whilst being a beautiful moisturiser. Cotton seed oil is new to us and also moisturises with out clogging the pores as it is rich in Linoleic acid. Of course, we have had excellent results over the years with the use of comfrey oil in our day and night creams as it is so repairing and restoring. In this blend we now have a highly moisturising, very light soothing and nutritive cream that soaks in beautifully.

The Zinc oxide acts as a physical barrier to protect against the sun as well as being soothing and helps to reduce redness and irritation.

We love our combination of Rose, Frankincense and lavender so much we didn’t feel we could improve on it both for emotional support and for the restoring effect it has on the skin. We have had such wonderful feedback over the years from the blend in the Organic Mature skin care collection that we decided to use it here in the Vegan collection of natural facial skin care products.

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