The Organic Night cream in the Sensitive range is called the Chamomile and Calendula Night Cream and was launched in 2001. Our aim was to develop a cream that not only was able to be tolerated by very sensitive skin but would also actually improve the skin.

We always knew that this product would be wonderful for very sensitive skin including redness, uneven tone and patches of inflammation and dryness. We also knew this cream would be lovely to use and would be a lovely way to moisturise dry yet very sensitive skin. We chose the ingredients that would offer as little challenge as possible to the skin but we also wanted it to be deeply moisturising and to be very calming and ant-inflammatory. We wanted a product that could be used everyday on skin which would otherwise be difficult to moisturise- the type of skin that can react to anything that is put on it.


We developed this product with the help of people with Rosacea. We would try different recipes and we would ask them to try different combinations of ingredients and get their feedback. Then we tried different quantities of those ingredients so we would adjust the recipe to see if it was better or worse. It was by listening to their feedback that we were finally confident that we had the product at the optimum effectiveness for Rosacea. We have kept the same formulation ever since!

Over the years, we have have had customers continually being surprised and delighted by the Organic Chamomile and Calendula night cream for sensitive night cream so we love it.

The Organic Chamomile and Calendula Night Cream is actually a balm so it does not contain any water. This is deliberate in order to make the simplest, purest product. We simply take the beeswax and melt it very carefully and remove it as soon as we can. This safeguards the complex healing properties of the wonderful organic beeswax. We then stir in the organic Shea butter as this can melt using the little bit of heat in the beeswax. We then swirl in the organic Calendula oil which is wonderful and anti inflammatory, the organic Sweet Almond oil (which is lovely and so much lighter in consistency than the regular Almond oil) and then finally we carefully add the organic Evening Primrose oil which is an amazing ingredient to use.

When we are happy that we have a perfect base we drop in a few drops of the most efficacious Chamomile essential oil. A batch might be 20 pots as we deliberately make as little as possible in order to keep it in tip top condition.

Chamomile and Calendula Organic Day Cream for sensitive skin

Whilst some customers use the Chamomile and Calendula, night cream as their one moisturiser. We think this is because the organic ingredients are so light on your skin that whilst it seems, at first to be too heavy for daytime use, It actually isn’t too heavy- as many people tell us. However, I decided it is too heavy for me for daytime use so we decided to make a lighter daytime version. This is the Chamomile and Calendula Day Cream. Because we add a little lakeland spring water to the mix it makes this cream a little bit more complex as we need to make it into an emulsion. We haven’t had as much feedback on this for Rosacea, some people have said they love it but nowhere near as many as for the Night Cream.

Help for Hay fever

It is just as good value as you just need a tiny smidge, you just glisten the end of your fingers and then massage it in. I have to say that, personally, this is probably one of my most favourite products to use. My eyes can get really sensitive and itchy especially in the Hay fever season so by using the Chamomile and Calendula day cream all year round I find that it reduces my sensitivity to the allergens when the summer comes. It is much lighter than the night cream yet it has all the same ingredients so you are benefiting from the Organic Calendula oil, you are absorbing the chamomile essential oil and of course your skin enjoys the wonderful Organic Evening Primrose oil.

Simple Sun protection

A little bit of zinc oxide provides a little sun protection which I find reassuring. I always recommend using a sun protection cream as well if you are in the sun though as it is really difficult to quantify exactly what sun protection factor the cream is. Because the zinc oxide is a natural product and not made in a lab you cant say for sure how much protection it offers. It works as a sunscreen by reflecting and scattering UV radiation. The zinc oxide itself is just the most amazing ingredient though with antiseptic and anti inflammatory and helps with protecting your skin from premature ageing.

Soothing Sleep

I find using either the Chamomile and Calendula day cream or the night cream at bedtime is lovely and soothing emotionally. I love the comfort of the Chamomile essential oil especially if I am worrying about things that are happening. I am certain that this helps me not only get to sleep but also to have really good quality sleep.

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