Secret garden

With Lavender and Patchouli essential oils mixed to aromatherapy proportions in a base of sweet almond oil, this lovely massage oil can be rubbed directly onto the skin to ease aching joints and muscles after gardening. The wonderful earthy aroma is very grounding and soothing both to body and to spirit. It helps you ‘settle into yourself’ if you are feeling unconnected and have random thoughts racing around and around. This is for when you feel a bit spacey and wound up for no particular reason. A massage with this oil can help clarify your thoughts and help you connect with your creative self. A cap-ful poured into your bath is lovely after working hard physically. The oils permeate the air and water around you and the almond oil settles on the water, holding the precious oils. When you emerge from the water you have a very thin layer of oil all over your skin. You know you have moisturised your skin all over whilst you were bathing.

Simply Relaxing

With essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile in a base of Sweet almond oil this really is the most versatile massage oil. It can help with sleep so is lovely to use before bedtime. The Chamomile is wonderful for anxiety and can help reduce nightmares and improve the quality of your sleep. Mixed up to aromatherapy proportions of 2 drops per 5 ml of almond oil the massage oils are the strongest product for help if you are needing the essential oils for emotional help.
This massage oil is wonderful for your skin and can help soften dry or uneven skin. It is soothing for inflamed or irritated skin so is lovely to rub directly into your skin or put a cap-ful into your bath. This is a lovely relaxing way to moisturise your skin all over.
The Simply relaxing massage oil is also a very effective product to help with aching joints and muscles. It is very comforting to rub gently into joints and firmly into muscles to help them to loosen. Just rub in and then let the oils do their work. With no fillers or additives or artificial preservatives this is pure natural healing from Nature at it’s very best.

Cloud Nine

Just the most wonderful uplifting massage oil and a fabulous way to absorb the highest concentration of essential oils. With 2 drops of essential oil per 5 ml of Almond oil, this is a therapeutic massage oil that is wonderful for both mind and body. If you are struggling with emotional burn out and have that horrid feeling when you feel like you are giving out 120% and getting back 40% you can feel depleted and exhausted and undervalued. This can lead to unwanted feelings of resentment. A massage with Cloud Nine massage oil or a bath with a cap-ful of oil in your water can hopefully help you to feel supported. It can take away that draggy feeling and can help you feel uplifted, emotionally energised and at peace.

Raindrops and Roses

This massage oil is very helpful for painful deep rooted times including for when grieving and for bereavement as we know how complex that can be. For deep seated psychological issues often going back to childhood, Rose can help a therapeutic exploration in a supported way. Geranium essential oil is very balancing both for the mind and for the body and can help when feeling overwhelmed or confused. A massage with Raindrops and roses massage oil can become part of your well-being routine. It is lovely to massage into your feet, your shins, a tight neck and tired knees. A cap-flu into your bath is a lovely relaxing way to enable the powerful essential oils to pervade your psyche. If you are needing the essential oils to work as part of your healing journey the Bath and massage oil is the most effective product from the range as we use more essential oils are in the massage oils than in any of the other products.

Bad Day Remedy

Emotionally, this is the most powerfully healing product that we make. We blend Rose, Neroli and Ylang ylang essential oils and add 2 drops of this blend per 5 ml of sweet almond oil. That’s it- No preservatives, no fillers, no additives no nothing, just pure essential oils in Sweet almond oil. Ready to use straight from the bottle. Simply massage into your body anywhere you feel like. It really doesn’t matter as the oils will do their work in your psyche no matter where you put them on your skin. This is a wonderful product to use for emotional well being both on an ongoing supportive basis or to work with deep rooted problems in a complex present or the distant past.
Ylang ylang is wonderful for self confidence, helping you feel supported which encourages belief in yourself. Rose is wonderful, as we know and Neroli is uplifting and can help you feel happy if you feel like you are struggling to get by. A wonderful everyday product that you can’t overdo it as it is wonderful to use as part of your everyday wellness routine.

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