Raindrops and Rose is probably the best hand cream for brittle nails. This highly nutritive cream has Avocado oil and comfrey oil added to it. The country name for comfrey is ‘Knit-bone’ as it was used for centuries to mend broken bones. The active ingredient is Allantoin which helps bind tissue together. As such is excellent for flaking, floppy brittle nails which are always splitting. The Avocado oil is so nutritive it is packed full of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants.

With these oils Raindrops and roses is usually the cream I recommend for very dry skin as it is absorbed deep into the tissues.

The use of beeswax as the base for our hand creams means that it is a lot richer than mass produced products so you use a lot less than you would normally use. You just take a tiny smidge and work that in. If your skin is really dry you can put a bit more on until you get used to the amount that you need for your skin.

The Rose essential oil is truly wonderful for all kinds of emotional problems including low mood, anxiety and grief. I used Rose in my private practice whenever we were working with ‘old’ or deep seated issues. I know it’s ‘only’ a hand cream but it can be used as an integral part of any therapeutic, healing or well-being initiative.

I also used to find it works really well for Men so I think it would be a mistake to dismiss this as a floral fragrance as it is a genuinely effective treatment for deep seated issues.

The combination of Geranium essential oil into the blend is helpful as this oil is very balancing- both physically and emotionally and this seems to support the healing focus of this hand cream.

The Simply Relaxing is usually the cream I would recommend for itchy or inflamed skin. If there is a spot of Eczema present this would be the one to try. The Calendula oil is, of course, anti inflammatory so helps with little cuts and grazes on the hands and helps soothe inflamed or irritated skin. This combined with the beeswax which is the most wonderful, complex healing ingredient for broken and damaged skin and is deeply moisturising as well as repairing.

Lavender essential oil is very relaxing and chamomile supports, and I find, deepens the action of the lavender. Chamomile is particularly good for helping with nightmares and I would say generally helpful for overwrought minds and particularly helpful for when you get thoughts going around and around. It’s to no purpose because you are not thinking clearly just in a stressy way which can end up just winding you up even more. It’s ‘only’ a hand cream but it can help break that vicious cycle and help you relax so you can think clearly.

The Simply Relaxing is also lovely to use if you are having problems relaxing at bedtime. I find to helpful to rub it into my hands then cup my hands over my face so I can breathe it in as I am going to sleep. I find it very soothing.

Cloud nine is a wonderful hand cream. The carrot oil is deeply nutritive and gives it a very slight orange hue. I have to say that I find Neroli essential oil one of the most marvellous oils. Over the years in the shop in Grasmere I have spoken to may many people who feel that they are giving out more than they are getting back. It’s that feeling when you feel like you are giving out 110% and getting back 40%. If this gets too far out of balance It can feel horrid as you start to feel resentful, taken advantage of and then possibly guilty and confused. How amazing is it that there is an essential oil than can help you to feel supported and valued. Nothing needs to change it just seems to help energetically so you feel supported and valued. I suspect its something to do with how tangerine and orange fruit trees with their beautiful white oranges blossom needs so much sunlight to ripen. The oil of tangerine is also sun filled so supports the uplifting action of the Neroli oil.

Used as a hand cream to soften rough skin but is also enduring and supportive emotionally.

The Secret Garden hand cream is also great for small cuts and grazes so wonderful to massage deeply into your hands after gardening. The lavender can help relieve aching joints thorough hard work and the patchouli resonates with the energy of connecting with the earth through gardening. It is also lovely to rub into your feet after walking barefoot on the grass in order to help ground your self.

This is a really rich hand cream with the lovely complex benefits of beeswax and an added dollop of calendula oil which is anti-inflammatory and lovely and soothing if you have tiny little cuts and scrapes.

Massage into your nails to help strengthen them using this lovely restorative natural hand cream.

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