When my son was little, he had really severe eczema. This was years before I became a therapist and nothing we tried seemed to touch it. I know the frustration of not being able to help and seeing them itching and not being able to sleep. When I developed the Mother Earth products I knew that these products had to be effective both for itchy skin and for sleep or there would be no point in them.

For the last 18 years I have confidently recommended Mother Earth Simply Relaxing body butter for Eczema and it has often felt strange to be standing there so certain- remembering what it was like to have nothing that could help my own child.

I have two enduring memories of customers talking to me about the Simply Relaxing Body butter.

The first is of a dark winter’s afternoon in Grasmere, It wasn’t soon after we had opened the shop and I was still worried about not seeing any customers. The torrential rain had meant that the village was deserted. Just before closing, the door opened and a worried young woman came in- drenched through. She had a small child with Eczema and had run out of body butter so she had braved the elements to rush out and get him some. I was moved that she had needed us and that we had been there for her. I remember that I settled into the business after that.

The next was many years later and we had just opened our unit in Coniston where we had set up our production. It was a demanding time and we were all digging deep to cope with the stress and upheaval. An elderly gentleman had come to find me. He had been to Grasmere then come down to Coniston as I was there that day. He had something very particular that he wanted to say to me. His sister had just died and he had nursed her in her final illness. She had had nasty ulcers on her legs that were a problem. He tried not to cry as he thanked me for the Simply Relaxing body butter as it soothed and moisturised the skin on her legs and also helped her relax and sleep. He said that it helped him as well as he was so anxious about her that it helped him feel less stressed.

Seeing him standing there, seriously intent on conveying his thanks, moved me.

He reminded us that we were making these products to make a difference and after meeting him we were able to cope better with the strains of running a business. He helped us re-focus on what we are here to do- making Mother Earth products from Nature to offer meaningful help and support. I simply developed a cream for itchy skin never dreaming that it might one day soothe an elderly woman and her family in her last days.

We just make the products, Life does the rest.

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